About Project

Project Promoter: Hunedoara City Hall
Project duration: 22 months, but no later than 30.04.2017
Grant amount: RON 4,167,340.40, i.e. EUR 937,850.88

General Objective

The general objective of the project is establishing the “Guilds House” Museum in order to protect, preserve the cultural heritage for future generations and to facilitate public access to it.

Specific Objective

  • creation, evaluation, protection and enhancement of a numismatic collection identified on the Corvins Castle territory, collection related to four guilds (shoemakers guild, tanners guild, weavers guild and furriers guild);
  • creating the ”Guilds House” Museum, as part of the Corvins Castle cultural heritage;
  • involvement and training of 12 representatives of the Roma community in the development of socio-economic activities;
About Project

The Corvin Castle Museum, located in the city of Hunedoara, Romania, has an activity of 40 years. Originally it operated as a department of the Deva Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization, and starting with the year 1990 it has been under the administration of Hunedoara City Council.

Project stage

At the beginning of the year 2014, the Mayoralty of Hunedoara Municipal submitted, for funding purpose, the project entitled “ Cultural heritage –Castle of Corvins – Museum of Crafts House . The Project was in a strong competition , but the objective and activities for its completion were very convincing and by mid 2015 the funding contract was signed within the SEE Fundin.