Promotion of Guilds

    The ‘Guilds House’ museum will include four rooms for the presentation of the guilds of weavers, shoemakers, tanners and furriers. Each room will be comprised of a work area and a display of the finished products. To promote the guilds, two events will be held in April. The event called ‘Guilds and Crafts in the Romanian provinces’ will be taking place at Corvin Castle as follows:

  • On the 1st of April 2017 at 11 am in the Bethlen dining room.
  • On the 2nd of April 2017 at 1 pm in Curtea Husarilor

    On the first day, a roundtable will be organised and a symposium to which eight experts in relevant fields will attend – two historians, two sociologists, two ethnographers and two curators. A photo exhibition aimed at presenting the guilds and traditional crafts will also be held.

    The second day of the event will be dedicated for a traditional show meant to present the specific customs through an audio/video compilation, live recitals, dance and folk traditions.

    The event called ‘The Guilds and Crafts Fair’ will be held at Corvin Castle on the 21st – 23rd of April in Curtea Husarilor. During the three-day period, a fair for crafts and guilds will take place with 12 craftsmen in attendance – boiler maker, silversmith, shoveler, potterer, furrier, shoemaker, cooper, glazier, weaver, stonemason and carpenter.

     Work and presentation stalls will be provided for them. A cultural and artistic show has been scheduled for the last day of the fair, at 1 pm, to which various artists and traditional ensembles from Romania will be participating.