Project stage

At the beginning of the year 2014, the Mayoralty of Hunedoara Municipal submitted, for funding purpose, the project entitled “ Cultural heritage –Castle of Corvins – Museum of Crafts House . The Project was in a strong competition , but the objective and activities for its completion were very convincing and by mid 2015 the funding contract was signed within the SEE Funding Mechanism Among the activities proposed by the project there are mentioned the followings:

  • – Creation, evaluation, designing and beneficiation of a coin collection identified on the territory of Castle of Corvins , collections
  •    corresponding to the four crafts (shoemaker, tanners, weavers and furriers );
    – Establishment of the Museum “ Crafts House” Hunedoara – component of the cultural patrimony of the Castle of Corvins;
    – Involvement and training of 12 representatives of the Roma community in the development of social –economic activities;
    – Enhancement of tourism attractiveness of Hunedoara town and of West Region.

The implementation of the project is in progress. The management team of the project monitors its completion based on the highest quality standards. Thus, for an optimal performance of the proposed results associated to this project, an Additional Act was signed in order to extend the implementation period until October 2016. Throughout the first 9 months of project implementation, the following purchase operations were done to accomplish the proposed objective:

  • – Consultancy regarding the project funding management
    – Consumables and office supplies
    – Specialized translation services
    – Supply of designing and engineering services
    – Supply of technical design verification services
    – Supply of work site supervisor services
    – Construction and rehabilitation works of the building
    – Professional qualification of Roma citizens
    – Supply of services for the elaboration of the study focused on the young people attraction to traditional crafts
    – Supply of publicity services for the result disclosure and information

Further to the said acquisitions the implementation stage of the project specific activities complies with the initially proposed schedule. Thus, for the building rehabilitation, after singing the contract,  there were taken all the legal steps to start up the rehabilitation works, the site was handed over to the contractor and the archeological discharge operation was started up as the building is part of a protected area. The digging works around the building perimeter are in progress so that to complete the archeological discharge.

As for the museum organization, the inventory of the patrimonial assets was competed and now its evaluation has been started. A new acquisition which strongly related to this activity, is in progress: acquisition of the endowment for the exhibition arrangement.

The activity for the organization of the production workshop is complying with the implementation schedule. There began the courses for the professional training of the targeted group. The acquisition of tools, devices and consumables associated to the Roma activities is in progress, and it will complete the organization activity of the production workshop.

Within the promotion and beneficiation activity of the Crafts House there was already carried out a study meant to draw the attention of the young people to the traditional crafts, this study going to be applied during the future activities. To fulfil this activity the purchase of services for the beneficiation of the museum by the organization of some cultural specific events is in progress.


The restoration activity of the building where the “Guilds House” museum will be hosted has been continued with consolidation of the roof and completion of the partition. Moreover, work has been carried out on both the inside and outside finishes, as well as on the electrical equipment.
In regards to the organisation activity of the “Guilds House” museum, the heritage items for the display collection have been classified and certified – register cards have been drafted for 94 heritage assets, expert reports and classification reports have all been finalised. Twenty coins have met the criteria and therefore have been classified.

The coordination of the workshop has progressed with completion of the specific requirements – twelve training diplomas have been issued for persons of Roma origin.

The promotional campaign of the “Guilds House” museum has advanced with the organisation of cultural events specific to the project. They have been scheduled as follows:

  • “Guilds and Crafts from the Romanian provinces” – 2 days, on the 1st and 2nd of April 2017
  • “Guilds and Crafts Fair” – 3 days on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of April 2017

The advertising plan designed to promote the project has been materialised with the creation of mock-ups for the exposition catalogue, posters, flyers and brochures, which are due to be executed throughout the month of February.

Update - April 2017

The activities related to the restoration of the House of Guilds Museum have been concluded on the 21st of April 2017. The organisation of the museum has materialised through the acquisition of furniture and IT equipment and the decoration of the 6 halls in the museum, respectively the Shoemaker’s Workshop, the Tanner’s Workshop, the Furrier’s Workshop, the Weaver’s workshop, the Rroma Craftsmen Room (boiler maker, silversmith, spoon maker) and the hall where the numismatic collection is being displayed.

Part of the promotional activity of the House of Guilds Museum, two events have been organised during the month of April, namely “Guilds and Crafts from the Romanian provinces” and “Guilds and Crafts Fair”.  Alongside these events, three youth targeted promotional campaigns have been initiated. Their scope is to increase awareness towards the traditional guilds among this particular demographic, and they include a Facebook campaign, Made in Hunedoara and the Guilds Festival.

The advertising campaign has been completed with the delivery of exposition catalogue, posters, flyers and brochures. Furthermore, the permanent board has been executed and a press conference was held to announce the inauguration of the museum.

The “Cultural Heritage of the Corvin Castle – House of Guilds Museum, Hunedoara” project, under the PA16/RO12 program “Conservation and revitalization of cultural and natural heritage” and financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, has been finalised on the 30th of April 2017. The general objective – the establishment of the House of Guilds Museum at the Corvin Castle for the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage, alongside the facilitation of the public access to it – and the specific objectives have been fulfilled.

Update project stage - 15 - 30 April 2017
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Update project stage
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